Download here and try the Demo version of Open Quality The test Demo allows you to download the App on your mobile device. Try it with the pre-installed form, send the signed form to your e-mail address and access data entered for the following processing.

Open Quality

The first-of-a-family platform developed by Vettore Innovazione is OpenQuality. It is a platform developed with MySQL and MongoDB database-based multilingual OpenSource languages, enabling the collection, processing and reproduction of information and data via digital modules and machines by detecting analog and digital data through a concentrator system IOT, Sensors and Bus Linked with API to Databases. The software developed on the Android App allows you to solve the problems of compiling and archiving your business-production modules by introducing digital and alarm warnings and non-conforming warnings and compliant forms, both in manual and automated forms, thus meeting the core regulatory requirements on voluntary certification for ISO quality management systems. The database system is distributed over the cloud to ensure continuity and resilience, and employs multilayer tested and standard communication systems over the network and radio to let communicate objects in an IOT environment. The management and processing of corporate information is carried out through applications and platforms on cloud, with replacement storage systems and digital signature.