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Vettore Innovazione is an innovative italian Start Up company wich operates in the field of Information Technology by developing Software and App with the best technology solutions available on the market for the automatic management of Quality, Statistical and Economic Business Information System.
OpenQuality is the first product achieved within a family of applications planned to connect analogic systems with digital 4.0 systems for smart manufacturing. The platform that connects with Mobile App allows you to manage, archive, analyze and organize all data from manual and automated inputs with IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and CAN-bus systems, producing reports and modules conforming to ISO models. Vettore Innovazione was born with the aim of introducing open data and technologies 4.0 in companies and non profit organizations.


Amedeo Levorato

Vettore Innovazione

Amedeo Levorato (Padua, 1959) is a business executive and entrepreneur. Graduated in 1985 in Political Science - Economics, he has been a contract professor for many years at the Ateneo Patavino (Economic and Financial Policy and Local Development) with 10 ISBN titles and numerous articles on local and national magazines. He has been a businessman since 1977 and has worked in the TLC, finance and insurance industry, industrial development and new technology services. He designed the parks of Padua (1993) and Venice (1994) and was a consultant to the Veneto and Sardinia regions for innovation.
From 1998 to 2005 he managed a VC company for startup internet, and then as Chairman / AD Holding of the Municipality of Padova APS from 2006 to 2014 (80 M / 800 employees). He worked for the Ministries of Health (1992-1994) and Industry (2006-2010). He was president and adviser of the Priamo Pension Fund (1.4 B) from 2010 to 2016. He is currently director general of a public healthcare provider and owner of an innovative startup in the IT industry within the Fablab Network accelerator.

Paolo Moro


Business owner and team of the Business Research s.r.l.

Ernesto Mazzorin

Connet srl

Company owner and team of Connet s.r.l.

Gessica Garbo


Digital Consultant and Social Media Marketing
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